In the mid-sixties, British groups were leading the music scene. American acts strove to compete with the Mo-town artists in the forefront. A five-piece Cleveland, Ohio combo merged the England and Detroit sounds to create their own. This group was The Outsiders.

Initially known as The Starfires, the group performed nonstop. Their repertoire consisted of instrumentals and an occasional vocal tune. With the addition of a horn section, they ventured into soul music and eventually partnered unsuccessfully with a local record label.

When The Beatles and their Merseybeat peers arrived, the horns were temporarily set aside and the ineffective record company was deleted. The band signed with Capitol Records upon completion of recording their rock tour de force “Time Won’t Let Me”.  The owner of their former label deemed them traitors and referred to them as "The Outsiders". Becoming fond of the intended insult, the members elected to re-christen themselves.

"Part of the secret behind The Outsiders' musical success lay in the group's embellishments, with horns and strings, which slotted in perfectly with their basic three or four-piece instrumental sound. However bold and ambitious they got, one never lost the sense of a hard, solid band sound at the core" -Allmusic

Concerts accompanied the recordings. The Outsiders toured with fellow chart busters Sonny and Cher, B.J. Thomas, Gene Pitney and many others.

“Precious And Few” as well as “Girl In Love”, “Help Me Girl” (featuring orchestrations conducted by Chuck Mangione), and the Isley Brothers’ penned “Respectable”, all became Top 40 Hits.

Capitol album releases include:

Time Won’t Let Me
"The boys from Cleveland make an exciting and impressive album debut" -Billboard "There aren’t too many debut albums anywhere quite as strong as The Outsiders’ first long player" -Allmusic

The Outsiders Album #2
"Many moments of brilliance" - Allmusic

which included the first ever release of “Bend Me, Shape Me”, a 1967 hit for The American Breed.

The Outsiders - Happening ‘Live’
"This album is extremely solid. The musicianship and song choice is superb” -Underground Music

The Outsiders, led by Bill Bruno and Rick Biagiola, are still thrilling audiences and continue to please old fans while simultaneously acquiring new fans. Their concerts are electrifying, year after year, and audiences are enthralled with the music, excitement and love generated by The Outsiders!

Billboard Chart Hits
"Time Won’t Let Me"
"Precious & Few"
"Girl In Love"
"Help Me Girl"
"I'll Give You Time"
"Gotta Leave Us Alone"
"Little Bit Of Lovin'"

The Outsiders Live Video

The Outsiders


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