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Tribute to The Bee Gees

This is an unbelievable re-creation of The Bee Gees, including those incredible harmonies & costuming! Stayin' Alive will take you thru The Bee Gees" career from the 60's to the present. Everyone will be on their feet dancing and singing along!

Stayin' Alive also brings along the world's greatest tribute to John Travolta! He will be dancing all over the place and will go in the audience and teach the "Latin Hustle" and will bring audience participation to a new, fun level!

Stayin' Alive

Tribute to The Bee Gees & 70's Disco

Perfect For Your Next Event!

*Incredible Vocals! *Amazing Choreography! *Super High-Energy!
*Authentic Costuming! *Hear All Your Favorites! *Audience Participation! *Unbelievable Harmonies! *Completely Live-On-Stage! *Full Band!