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Tribute to Frank, Sammy & Dean

This Incredible re-creation of the world famous Rat Pack is not just an amazing homage but is one of the few special productions that will become as timeless as the actual counterparts (Sammy, Frank and Dean). This show will transport audiences back to a time when life was a lot less complicated.


International Rat Pack

Tribute to Frank, Sammy & Dean

The International Rat Pack is a brilliant re-enactment of the "Summit", this was the period of time at which all three of the magnificent superstars were at the prime of their wonderful careers. This unforgettable trio (Frank, Sammy and Dean) excited audiences nightly in the Copa Room at the Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. With so much talent on stage together, these wild, wonderful performers would set a standard tone for all those who came to Vegas during the swingin' 60's.

The International Rat Pack has re-created these amazing performances with pain staking authenticity! The amazing look, sound, comedic on-stage antics, costuming and vocals by this extremely talented cast will have the audience actually believing this IS Sammy, Frank and Dean! These three actors seem to transcend reality by becoming the characters they depict, coupled with the genuine love and admiration for the characters they portray.

This amazing show can be adjusted to most budgets by being available as a track show or with a small band or a complete charted orchestra! Whether your special event is a one-niter or several shows, this is a must-have production and genuine all-ages crowd pleaser!!